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Restrict access to a product to only logged in users


If you have a password-protected area of your site, you can restrict access to a given product so that only logged in users may view and purchase the product.

This restriction will be true of all Stores in which include the product.

To do so:

  1. Navigate to the Shops Manager
  2. Click Products Manager
  3. Open the product you wish to restrict
  4. In the right column, click Details to expand the module
  5. For Access Level, choose Public, Registered, or Special, depending on which type of end user you wish to be able to register using this ticket.
  6. Click Save
NOTE: If your site has Salesforce integration and a password-protected area that connects web users to Contact records in Salesforce, you can choose to restrict access to a given product to users whose Contact record matches a value you specify.
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