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Displaying thank you pages or setting redirects with Soapbox Shop


With Soapbox Shop, you have the ability to customize thank you pages that appear after an order is made or to redirect the visitor to another page of your choice.

To define what is displayed after registration is successfully processed:

  • In the administrator, open the store you wish to customize
  • Click the Messages tab
  • For the Redirect After Order, if you wish to redirect the visitor to another page after the order has processed, either a) choose an article on your website by clicking the Select button and choosing from the available options; or b) enter a Custom Link, being sure to include http://www...
  • For Thank You Page, if you wish to display a thank you message after the order has processed:
    • For Page Title, enter text you wish to appear at the top of the thank you page. You can include variables discussed in the following bullet as well except for the {products} variable.
    • For Page Text, enter the message you wish to display on the thank you page. You can include images, embedded video and other elements that will appear on the thank you page just as you can with a content item. You can also include the following variables in curly brackets that reference details of their payment:
      • {name}: The First Name and Last Name of the orderer, as provided in the Contact Information section of the order form
      • {amount}: The dollar amount of the order. This includes only the raw number and not the dollar sign. If you wish to display the dollar sign, enter it before the variable like this: ${amount}
      • {description}: The Transaction Description entered on the Payment tab for the Store. If no Transaction Description is provided, the Store Title from the Basics tab will be displayed.
      • {products}: A list of the quantity, product name, and line item total for all products purchased. The structure for this table mimics that of the Order Summary at the bottom of the order form. It does not include the total order dollar amount. This is contained in the {amount} variable noted above.
  • Click Save

Example of Thank You page using variables

As an example, the following Thank You Page title and text will generate the subsequent result displayed to your visitor.



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