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Enabling Salesforce integration and selecting a Campaign for a Store


If your site has Salesforce integration enabled to connect it to your Salesforce instance, you can enable Salesforce integration for specific Soapbox Shop store and define what Campaign in Salesforce the orders should be automatically associated with - or create a Campaign in Salesforce directly from Soapbox Shop and associate it with that store.

To enable and configure Salesforce integrations:

  • In the administrator, open the store you wish to customize
  • Click the Integrations tab
  • For Salesforce Integration, choose Yes, No, or Use Global Config. To alter the Global Configuration, Navigate to the Shops Manager, open the shop you want to address, click the Integrations tab, and choose Yes or No for Salesforce Integration
  • For Campaign, click select. In the popup, you can:
    • Select one Campaign from the list with which to associate registrations for this Soapbox Event and click Save
    • If you wish, you can create a new Campaign in Salesforce, click New, enter the appropriate field data, and click New. This will select this new Campaign.

    • Confirm that your choices are accurately reflected in the list appearing to the right of Campaign [ Select ]
    • Click Save
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