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Show, hide or customize the text for the View More button of a product


In Soapbox Shop, you have the option to allow visitors to click a View More button for a given product that opens a popup which contains more details for that product. You can also hyperlink the product Name and Product Image to open up the same popup.

To choose to show or hide the View More button, customize the button text:

  1. Navigate to the Shops Manager
  2. In the Control Panel for Shop, click Products Manager
  3. Click the product for which you wish to show, hide, or customize the View More button
  4. Click the Product Description tab
  5. Click the Customize Headings and Labels button at the bottom of the tab
  6. In the expanded form, enter text you wish to display for the button for the View More Button Text parameter
  7. To the right of the View More Button Text parameter, select Show or Hide based on whether you would like the View More button to be displayed for the product
  8. Click Save
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