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Create Categories to display store products in tabs


With stores in Soapbox Shop, all products a visitor is allowed to see are displayed in single column. If you wish, however, you can choose to assign products in a store to one or more Categories and have these Categories appear as tabs. When a visitor clicks on a given tab, they will only see the products assigned to that Category. Categories can be thought of as aisles or departments in your store which can be used to easily organize products into groups.

To add Categories as tabs to an existing store:

  • Navigate to the Shops Manager
  • Click Categories
  • Click New
  • Enter a Name for your category. This will be visible to end users as a tab in the store.
  • For Stores, choose the store with which this Category should be associated
  • Click Save
  • Repeat the above steps for each Category you wish to create
  • Click Stores Manager
  • Open the store to which you wish to add the Category or Categories
  • Click the Products tab
  • Click the edit button to add an existing Product to a Category or Categories or click Add Product to add an existing Product to the store
  • In the product popup, select the Category or Categories with which you wish to associate this product
  • Click Save
  • Repeat the above steps for each Product you wish to add to a Category or Categories

In addition to displaying the Categories as clickable tabs for the store, you can also choose to display an all items tab which will display all products for a store regardless of Category. To do so, ensure that All Items Tab under the Products section of the Products tab is set to Show. If you wish, you can customize the text that appears for this label by clicking the Customize Headings & Labels button at the bottom of the Products tab and altering the text in the All Items Tab Label parameter.

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