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8. Some important reminders as you create Soapbox Engage pages


Now that you are practically an Engage expert, you can create as many forms as you wish on your Soapbox Engage instance! Below are a few important reminders and things to note when doing this:

  1. If you are going to allow for recurring donations on your donation pages, you will need to ensure that you have enabled recurring donations in your payment gateway tool. There is often an additional fee for this. To learn more about this check out this Knowledge Base article: Accepting Recurring Donations - Overview & Putting all the pieces together
  2. If you are going to allow for visitors to subscribe to your e-mail list when submitting a donation, you will need to complete a little bit of additional configuration in your Salesforce account to enable this functionality. To learn how to do this check out this Knowledge Base article: Enabling newsletter sign ups with Soapbox Donations in Salesforce
  3. When creating Donation, Event, Petition or Store pages, you will need to make sure to assign a Salesforce Campaign to each. These Campaigns should be unique to each form you create. You can use our quick campaign creator in Soapbox Engage to create new campaigns, however, if you want to customize your campaigns fully, you will need to open up your Salesforce instance and make edits or changes there. 
  4. If you create Campaigns directly in Salesforce for Donation, Event, Petition or Store pages, you will need to use the appropriate Campaign Record Type and Campaign Member Record Type for the give page.
  5. In order to collect additional information from your attendees in the event registration process, you have to add custom fields from Salesforce to your attendee information form. This is a two step process which includes first adding the fields in Salesforce to both the Ticket Temp and Tickets objects and second adding them to your event under the "Attendee Info" tab. Check out this knowledge base article to get the full run down on how to do this: Adding custom fields from Salesforce to Attendee Information form

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Please note that our Soapbox Engage service comes with free web-based support. The purpose of this free support is essentially to teach you how to use the tool, or as the saying goes,'teach you how to fish'. Need us to do the fishing for you? Looking for guidance on best practices for your own configuration needs. Want someone else to do some of the implementation process? No problem at all, we're pleased to provide a discounted hourly rate of $120 for any of these professional services as well. Just open up a ticket to let us know what you need and a member of our support team will get you moving in the right direction.

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