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3. Add your Salesforce Account Credentials to Your Site


Please note that if you are working with a Salesforce consultant you may be able to skip this step! Be sure to reach out to your consultant before picking a Salesforce user account and tying it to your site.

In order for your Soapbox Engage account to be integrated with Salesforce it needs to be tied to a dedicated account. This could be an existing Salesforce user account (if licenses are hard to come by at your organization) BUT, the best option would be to create an account specifically for Soapbox Engage or all third-party integrations in general. If that is possible, please set up this account as a Salesforce administrator so it will have appropriate access to your Salesforce instance.

Once you have selected or created the account that you want to tie to your Soapbox Engage account, login to the backend of your Engage site at http://<<YourPrefixHere>> and fill in the settings in the right hand column (see below).


  1. For the Salesforce Account drop down, select "My Salesforce Account"
  2. After the form expands to display additional fields, enter the following values in the module. NOTE: Once these credentials are entered and saved, the values are encrypted in the database for security reasons and not displayed in these fields.
    1. For Salesforce Username, enter the username of the account you wish to use when Soapbox accesses the install.
    2. For Salesforce Password, enter the password for this account.
    3. For Salesforce Security Token, enter the security token for this account. If you have not created a security token yet or need to reset it, login to your Salesforce account and:
      • If you clicked Setup, select My Personal Information | Reset My Security Token.
      • If you clicked My Settings, select Personal | Reset My Security Token.
      The email address for the account will receive the security token. If you reset it, any other third party services accessing your Salesforce account through this login will need to be updated as well.
    4. For Salesforce WSDL, choose Partner.
  3. Click the "Save Salesforce Account Settings" button to save your credentials.

NOTE: By default, Salesforce automatically resets the password for all accounts on a scheduled basis. Since your Soapbox Engage site relies on the credentials of a Salesforce account to access Salesforce, any change to the password or security token will cause this connection to be broken until the information is updated in Salesforce.

To reduce the likelihood of this, it is recommended that you disable the automatic expiration of the password for the Salesforce user account entered into Soapbox. For more information about best practices and options for doing so, review Soapbox Engage: Best Practices for Salesforce User Accounts, Security Tokens, and Password Settings.

Have you added your Salesforce account credentials to your site?

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Please note that our Soapbox Engage service comes with free web-based support. The purpose of this free support is essentially to teach you how to use the tool, or as the saying goes,'teach you how to fish'. Need us to do the fishing for you? Looking for guidance on best practices for your own configuration needs. Want someone else to do some of the implementation process? No problem at all, we're pleased to provide a discounted hourly rate of $120 for any of these professional services as well. Just open up a ticket to let us know what you need and a member of our support team will get you moving in the right direction.

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