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2. Customize the standard template with the Template Designer or have your site custom templated


Once you have installed your Soapbox Engage for Salesforce packages, you will want to make sure that it matches your organization from a branding standpoint. There are two ways to accomplish this. If your contract includes design services, we will build you a custom template that will skin your Engage site to match your main website. If your contract does not include design services, you can use the Template Designer to customize the site header, font face and background colors.

Either Get Your Site Templated

Did you pay for design services? If so, please open a ticket for a member of our support team and let them know which page on your main site you would like us to use as the skin for your Engage site. Please provide the URL for that page in the support ticket. Open a ticket now »

Or Customize the Standard Design with the Template Designer

You can use the Template Designer in Soapbox Engage to customize the site header, font face and background colors for your Soapbox Engage pages.  

We recommend designing your header in an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr or a free open source option such as GIMP (yay open source!).

For best results, you’ll want to create your image according to the following specifications:

Size (in pixels): 940px wide by 120px tall
Resolution: 72px
File Types: PNG, JPG, or GIF

If you choose not to upload your own header image, your pages will have the default header for Soapbox Engage (not too shabby, eh?):


For details on how to upload your header and customize your font face and background colors using the Template Designer, watch this video:

Have you customized the standard template or requested to have your site templated?

Add Your Salesforce Account Credentials to Your Site now »



Please note that our Soapbox Engage service comes with free web-based support. The purpose of this free support is essentially to teach you how to use the tool, or as the saying goes,'teach you how to fish'. Need us to do the fishing for you? Looking for guidance on best practices for your own configuration needs. Want someone else to do some of the implementation process? No problem at all, we're pleased to provide a discounted hourly rate of $120 for any of these professional services as well. Just open up a ticket to let us know what you need and a member of our support team will get you moving in the right direction.

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