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How can I gain access to my Soapbox Engage account if I am a new administrator?


Recovering Access To Site Administrator:

If there is no one at your organization with an active username and password to access your site’s administrator, the following steps are available:

  • If anyone at your organization does have an active account with access to the Administrator then please have this person change the email address or other User details by logging in and changing the information in the Soapbox Engage User Account box on the right-hand side of the home page of the admin.
  • If you have access to a former administrator’s email, you may consider utilizing the password recovery feature.  To do so, go the administrator login page for your site, click the Forgot Your Password? link, and follow the instructions.
  • If you no longer have access to a former administrators email, but your organization’s IT team can grant you access, then gain access and use the password recovery feature above.

If these approaches do not work, and NO authorized site administrators can access your account, Soapbox Support Services can help change the site administrator email address.

To preserve the security and integrity of the data within your account, we require a letter from a C-Level officer (CEO, CIO, CFO, Executive Director, Business Owner, etc). Once the letter is received and attached to the support case, the Support representative will escalate your case for further review. Please find the required format for this letter below.

Admin Change Request Letter

On a company letterhead, please provide the following information:

  1. What is the current full USERNAME on the user record that you are requesting to change?
  2. What is the new EMAIL address?  (This must be a corporate email address reflecting the domain name of your organization, as opposed to a Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or similar email address)
  3. What is the brief reason for the change?
  4. What is the Ticket Number you opened with Salesforce support?
  5. A C-level executive signature (CEO, CIO, CFO, Executive Director, Business Owner, etc), the signature must be in ink and include the executive title and their EMAIL address.
  6. Conclude with the following signature block information:

Thank you,

Executive Name
Executive Title
Executive Phone number
Executive Email address

[ - executive signature -]


Please scan the letter and send to Support Services as an attachment in a support ticket at

Soapbox Support and legal teams will review and validate the request and act accordingly. If approved we will make the requested change and notify, via email from the case, the person requesting and the C-level executive authorizing the change. We will then change the email address as requested allowing the user to reset the password (using forgot password) and log into the account.

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