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Why Am I Getting An "Invalid Token" Error?


Problem: You or one of your users is trying to log into your Soapbox administrator, or into the front-end of your site - but instead you get a white screen with "invalid token" at the top of the screen.

What's going on?: The Soapbox servers cache a login token when you log in to either the front-end or administrator.  If you do something similar to the following;

  • Change your login credentials,
  • Try to log in with a second account while logged in with a first,
  • Or try to log into the administrator and front-end with two different accounts,

Soapbox can sometimes get confused.  The token for the account you are now trying to log in with doesn't match the token Soapbox had previously cached for your session.

Solution: Restarting your browser should allow you to start a new session, with a fresh token - allowing you to log in.

If this doesn't work please open a support ticket to let us know, and we will work with you to get you back into your site.


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