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Creating an email template


When creating an email for your Soapbox Mailer campaign, one of your first choices is to select the right email design template for your email campaign.  If you haven't created a template yet, you can go to the Email Templates tab to create a new template.

An email template is essentially all the HTML around the main body content of your email.  Typically, this will include the header, footer, and any sidebar design elements you might want to include.  Additionally, the email template is where all of your design elements would be referenced for the emails you send (i.e. the CSS, image references for the design elements, etc).

There are two important merge fields you'll want to include for your email templates to work properly within Soapbox Mailer.

1) Main body content - {!Campaign.EmailBodyHTML}

This merge tag lets your template know where the main content of your email will be placed within your design.

2) Subject line - {!Campaign.EmailSubject}

This merge tag lets your template know where the subject line of your email will be placed within the HTML template design.  A good place to put this is in the title tag of your HTML, as this is what Facebook uses to create the titles of the posts that your email readers view when they share your emails on Facebook through our social sharing functionality.

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