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Create a report to display all unsubscribers


There are times when some of your recipients ask to be unsubscribed from your email lists.  It's okay, it happens to all of us.  Your job is to provide great service to your email list recipients, even those asking to be unsubscribed.  To make this process easier, we recommend creating a report to display all the unsubscribers from any campaign.  The following steps will help you easily create an unsubscribers report.

1) Go to the Reports tab in Soapbox Mailer

2) Click the New Report... button

3) On the Create New Report page, under the Select Report Type, expand the Campaigns folder, and then click on the Campaigns with Campaign Members text, then click the Continue button on the right side of the screen

4) Next to the Show label, choose "All Campaigns" if you want to show all campaigns (recommended)

5) Next to the Filters label, click the Add button

6) Add a filter for Campaign Record Type, equals, Soapbox Mailer, and then click the OK button

7) Next to the Filters label, click the Add button

8) Add a filter for Unsubscribed, equals, True, and then click the OK button

9) In the Preview section, click the "Remove All Columns" link if you'd like to add the columns from scratch (recommended)

10) Drag the following fields to the layout:  Campaign Name, First Name, Last Name, Email, Unsubscribed (you can add other fields if you'd like)

11) Click the Save button at the top of the screen

12) Enter the following field values (you can change these as you see fit):

Report Name:  Soapbox Mailer Unsubscribes

Report Unique Name: Soapbox_Mailer_Unsubscribes

Report Folder:  My Personal Custom Reports

13) Click the Save button

14) Click the Run Report button

Now you have a report to show all your recipients who have been asked to be unsubscribed!

Happy emailing! 

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