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Adding unsubscribe links to emails


It's easy to add unsubscribe links to allow your email recipients to click a link to quickly let you know that they wish to be unsubscribed from your email list.  Here's how its done.

If you're using Soapbox Mailer v1.5 or later...

1) When creating your Email Template, simply add the Unsubscribe URL merge field ( {!UNSUBSCRIBE} ) into any link you create.  For instance, if you have a link like this...

<a href="#">Unsubscribe from our mailings</a>'d update it to be the following to automatically properly populate the correct Unsubscribe URL...

<a href="{!UNSUBSCRIBE}">Unsubscribe from our mailings</a>

2) When adding content within the HTML Body of your email (in the WYSIWYG editor), simply add the Unsubscribe URL merge field ( {!UNSUBSCRIBE} ) into any link you create.  Same process as above.  Post the link wherever you'd like! 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Starting with Soapbox Mailer v1.5, the footer unsubcribe link is no longer auto-created for you. You must follow the steps above to have an unsubscribe link appear within your email.

If you're using Soapbox Mailer v1.4 or earlier...

...there's nothing to do! An auto-created unsubscribe link will appear in the footer of all your emails.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  For Soapbox Mailer v1.4 or earlier, the Unsubscribe URL merge field above is not available.  You must upgrade to Soapbox Mailer v1.5 or later to have access to this merge field.

Happy emailing!

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