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Soapbox Mailer training agenda


Need some additional hands-on training from our team of Soapbox Mailer professionals?  We're here to help.  To give you some insight as to what's covered in our Soapbox Mailer Trainings, below is our training agenda for our sessions.

This training agenda assumes you've already completed the installation process for Soapbox Mailer. If you haven't installed Mailer yet, please use our Getting Started with Soapbox Mailer guide first, then come back to this document.

Now, let's get our learn on!

  1. Overview of the Soapbox Mailer app
    1. Lives in the app menu in Salesforce
    2. Acts like any other app in Salesforce
  2. Understanding the basics of the overview of a Soapbox Mailer campaign
    1. All Soapbox Mailer marketing emails live in the Campaigns tab. They are a type of Campaign with a "Record Type" of "Soapbox Mailer".
    2. Campaign Detail overview
    3. Email Details
      1. Email Sender
      2. Adding new senders is a two-step process
      3. Email Subject
      4. Email Template
  3. Creating content for your mailing
    1. What type of email are you sending?
      1. Regular newsletter
      2. Ad-hoc email
    2. Understanding templates
      1. Goal: make it easy for communicators to fire off messaging without worrying about breaking HTML
      2. One part template, one part HTML body content...your choice!
      3. Merge fields within template emails
        1. Main body merge field: {!Campaign.EmailBodyHTML}
          1. Adds everything within your HTML Body form within this part of the email template
        2. Subject line merge field: {!Campaign.EmailSubject}
          1. Useful for <title> tags for sharing on Facebook
        3. View in browser link: {!VIEWINBROWSER}
          1. Used to add a link to view the email online
        4. Unsubscribe link: {!UNSUBSCRIBE}
          1. Adds a link to the included Mailer unsubscribe page
        5. Social Sharing: {!FACEBOOKSHAREURL} & {!TWITTERSHAREURL}
          1. Adds urls to share the email on Facebook or Twitter and feeds data back to Salesforce on the number of times used
    3. HTML body and plain text versions of emails
      1. Learning about the HTML body
        1. Creating basic content
        2. Adding merge fields
        3. Adding images
        4. Adding trackable links
      2. Learning about the plain text body
  4. Targeting (segmenting) your recipients
    1. 3 ways to build your list (aka. adding campaign members to your campaign):
      1. Add contacts individually
      2. Use the Campaign Member search/add function (good for up to a few hundred leads/contacts)
      3. Reports
    2. All targeted contacts and leads should have a campaign member status of "Targeted"
  5. Previewing and testing your message
    1. Click the Preview button
    2. Send an email only to yourself as a "Targeted" recipient. Note that you can add yourself to the campaign multiple times to repeat.
  6. Sending the message
    1. Press the Send button and confirm
  7. Reviewing your campaign success
    1. Built-in metrics on the Mailer Campaign
    2. Building Mailer reports
      1. Example: Report to display unsubscribers
    3. Adding report links to Soapbox Mailer Campaigns
  8. Review details of specific campaign members
    1. What happens to bounced emails?
    2. Reviewing specific error response - see the SES SendEmail Response field on the Campaign Member

Power User Resources

  1. Amazon Simple Email Service Email Sending Best Practice Guide
  2. Troubleshooting articles in the Soapbox Mailer Knowledge Base
  3. Adding Custom Links to your Salesforce Reports
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