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How to add trackable links to an email


When you want to track the number of times recipients click a link in your email, you'll want to create a trackable link.  These links are manually created by you, enabling you to customize the naming of each link for easy referencing.  Here's the process to adding trackable links to your email.

1) On your Campaign record page, scroll down to the Email Links section, and click the New Email Link button.

2) On the New Email Link page, insert the internal name you want to remember this link by (i.e. "Google Homepage") in the Link Name field.

3) On the New Email Link page, insert the web address of the link you wish to create in the Destination URL field (i.e.  NOTE:  You must add the "http://" at the beginning of your address for the link to work properly.

4) On the New Email Link page, click the Save button.

5) Repeat #1 - #5 until you've added all the links you'd like to have tracked within your email.

6) On the Campaign record page, click the Edit HTML Body button to move into the edit mode for your email.

7) On the HTML Body Editor page, scroll down to the Trackable Links section of the page, and copy the Trackable Link that you wish to have included in your email.

8) On the HTML Body Editor page, highlight the text that you wish to make a link.  If you don't have text, create the text first.

9) On the HTML Body Editor page, after highlighting the text you wish to make a link, click the Link icon on the top row of the WYSIWYG editor (it's the 9th icon from the left), and in the popup window, paste the Trackable Link into the URL field and click OK.

10) Repeat #7 - #9 for each of the links you want to create in your email.

11) Click the Save HTML Version button to save your email.

Happy emailing!

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