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Step 1: Create a Salesforce email service


Step 1: Create a Salesforce email service to manage feedback from Amazon SNS
Estimate time: 3 minutes

  1. Go to Setup > Develop > Email Services 
  2. Click the New email Service button 
  3. On the Email Service page, fill in the form as follows: 
    1. Email Service Name: sbx_EmailAWSResponseHandler 
    2. Apex Class: sbx_EmailAWSResponseHandler 
    3. Accept Attachments: None 
    4. Advanced Email Security Settings: (unchecked) 
    5. Accept Email From: (leave blank) 
    6. Convert Text Attachments to Binary Attachments: (unchecked) 
    7. Active: (checked) 
    8. Over Email Rate Limit Action: Discard message 
    9. Deactivated Email Address Action: Discard message 
    10. Deactivated Email Service Action: Discard message 
    11. Unauthenticated Sender Action: Discard message 
    12. Enable Error Routing: (unchecked) 
    13. Route Error Emails to This Email Address: (leave blank) 
  4. Click Save and New Email Address button 
    1. On the Email Service Address page, fill in the form as follows: 
    2. Email Address: sbx_emailawsresponsehandler 
    3. Active: (checked) 
    4. Context User: (choose the user that will have full access to the Soapbox Mailer app, and to all related services) 
    5. Accept Email From: (leave blank) 
  5. Click Save
  6. Copy the full email address provided by Salesforce, which will be utilized in the next step
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