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Soapbox Mailer 1.8 Release Notes


Release Date:  February 9, 2014

Install Link:

Soapbox Mailer 1.8 includes the following changes:


Allows the merging of any of the following objects with the standard Salesforce merge notation show here:

  • Campaign field = {!Campaign.FieldName}
  • Campaign Member field = {!CampaignMember.FieldName}
  • Lead field = {!Lead.FieldName}
  • Contact field = {!Contact.FieldName}
  • Account field = {!Account.FieldName}

...where "FieldName" should be replaced with the field name for the field you want to merge (make sure not to forget the trailing "__c" for custom field names).

NOTE: After installing v1.8, the pre-v1.8 notation of "{!Contact.FieldName}" will no longer work for both Lead and Contact records. It will only work for Contact records. Therefore, if you have a Soapbox Mailer Campaign that includes both Leads and Contacts, either from the past or the future, you will need to put the corresponding Lead and Contact merge field right next to each other. For instance, to ensure both Leads' and Contacts' first names are merged in a Campaign that has both Leads and Contacts, you'll need to format it as such: "Hi {Lead.FirstName}{Contact.FirstName}". If there is no value for a merge field, Soapbox Mailer will just leave it blank.


If you have questions about the new features, let us know!

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