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Soapbox Update: A variety of improvements across our apps


We've been hard at work over the last several weeks rolling out targeted updates to many Soapbox apps that make your lives a bit easier and your visitors a bit happier. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to:

  • Resolved issues navigating the Supporters tab for a Soapbox Action so you can more easily search and review supporter details
  • Updated the way supporter messages are sent to U.S. House of Representatives through Congress' new API service
  • Added the ability for you to display a Boolean checkbox field on a Directories Search Form as a checkbox or an option button | More details
  • Updated the Support popup feature in your Soapbox administrator so it works with the upgraded Soapbox Support Center
  • Resolved issues with Directories’ display of two Related List elements on a Record Display view
  • Resolved issues with the inclusion of dependent picklists on List Display or Record Display views for Directories
  • Added support for Braintree hosted fields functionality in Soapbox Donations and Soapbox Events for enhanced secure payment options
  • Resolved an issue with the display of the progress chart for Soapbox Petitions
  • Optimized the way in which stores are displayed in Soapbox Shop
  • Resolved an issue with the display and saving of negative numbers when submitting a Forms page

For details on all of the recent release, feel free to check out the Soapbox Release Notes.

Happy Soapboxing!

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