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Collect custom product information for Soapbox Shop orders


With the latest Soapbox release, we're proud to add the ability for you to include custom fields from Salesforce for Products in Soapbox Shop! Now, you can easily request or require product-specific information when a visitor places an order. Want to sell a t-shirt as part of the swag that supports your work? Great! Add custom fields for size and color to your t-shirt product and have the orders roll in. Want to allow purchasers to dedicate a given item to someone? No sweat! Add in fields for name and contact information so you can share their generosity with the honoree.

To begin using this new feature, you'll need to upgrade your Soapbox Shop for Salesforce managed package to v1.1 and add the fields you wish to include your Salesforce instance. For these details and more, check out Adding custom fields from Salesforce to a Product.

Interested in adding Soapbox Shop as an e-commerce solution to your Soapbox site? Hit us up!

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