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Extermination of a few pesky bugs


With tonight's Soapbox release, we're happy to report clean up of some pesky bugs across several apps:

Donations app

  • Improved validation messaging in the rare instance that a payment method is not selected when a Donation form is submitted

Events app

  • Resolved pesky issue where the registrant's zip code was not being properly saved to Salesforce when is used as the payment processor

Directories app

  • Corrected the inconvenient truth that elements on the Search Form, List Display and Record Display tabs were not being duplicated properly when a Directory was copied
  • Addressed issues with the creation of custom URLs for Directories by Soapbox Engage administrators that was causing difficulties with those forms

Payment Processor Settings module

  • Ensured that any custom SSL URL for a Soapbox Engage site remains in place for secure views when credentials are updated for the Braintree Payments option
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