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Editing the Ticket Report button displaying a list of attendees, if your Salesforce instance changes its pod


If you created a button to display a list of attendees from the Campaign layout following these instructions, your button is hard-coded to use the existing pod your Salesforce instance is on:


Occasionally, Salesforce refreshes a given instance and moves it to a new pod, providing notice of this move ahead of time. If this is happening to your instance, you'll need to update the hard-coded link for the Report button when that refresh is made. To do so:

  1. Go to Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Buttons, Links, and Actions
  2. Under Custom Buttons, Links, and Actions, scroll down the list until you find Tickets Report
  3. Under Custom Buttons and Links, click the Edit button next to Tickets Report
  4. Click Edit
  5. In the edit view in the text area field containing the formula for the button link, update the current pod to the new pod (typically something like β€œna14”):


  6. Click Save button

As an alternate option, if you have a custom My Domain created for your Salesforce instance, you can replace https://<new-pod> noted above with your My Domain (e.g., https://<mydomainprefix> This can be done at anytime and does not require waiting for the instance refresh by Salesforce.

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