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Staff-specific donation email notifications added to Donations


With the latest release of Soapbox, you are able to send separate staff-specific donation email confirmations from the Donations app. Now, in addition to cc'ing or bcc'ing staff on the confirmation email sent to donors, you can craft staff-specific emails to notify key individuals of incoming donations. What is more, new admin-specific merge fields allow you to include additional helpful data such as credit card expiration date and last four digits, the Donations form used to process payment, the transaction or subscription Id of the donation, the Salesforce Lead Record Id created for the transaction, and much more!

If you are already cc'ing or bcc'ing staff on email confirmations sent to donors, those will continue to be sent. This new feature adds to existing functionality and does not replace anything you currently have in place.

For details on sending these emails, check out Sending notification emails to admins and staff with Donations. For specifics on the 47 available merge fields for the admin email body text, see Variables available for Email Text message body to administrators and staff.

Happy Soapboxing!

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