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Making it easier for users to search by zip code in Directories


With the Directories app, you can allow front-end users to search virtually any field you choose in a Salesforce object and display real-time results on your website. This includes the ability to search within a given radius of a zip code they specify. The zip radius search option offers powerful functionality that is particularly suited to membership organizations wishing to publish a Salesforce-data-driven member directory on their site. What wasn't so powerful were a couple of hiccups the zip radius search had. We had Soapbox stand on its head and drink a glass of water as part of the most recent release to fix those. Specifically, we:

  • Revised the Search form so the zip radius is not included in the search if the radius distance is populated but the Zip/Postal Code field is blank. Formerly, this would show the error "The postal code entered was not found" to the end user.
  • Updated the Start Over functionality on the Search form so that it clears the zip radius distance and Zip/Postal Code fields along with the rest of the form

Happy Soapboxing!

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