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Publishing or unpublishing a Fundraising Page


To publish or unpublish an individual Fundraising Page:

  • Open the Fundraising Pages tab
  • Locate the Fundraising Page you wish to publish or unpublish
  • In the Status column, click the icon to change the current state. A red X indicates unpublished. A green check mark indicates published.

You may also alter the published state in the edit view of the Fundraising Page by changing the Published parameter to Yes or No.

To publish or unpublish multiple Fundraising Pages at once:

  • Open the Fundraising Pages tab
  • Tick the checkbox in the left hand column for each Fundraising Page you wish to publish or unpublish
  • In the upper right of the administrator, click the Publish or Unpublish icon

Message displayed on front end for unpublished Fundraising Page

If a peer-to-peer Fundraising Page is unpublished and a visitor attempts to access it on the front end via a direct link, they will be greeted with the message "We’re sorry, but this fundraising page is not available."


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