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Smarter Directories and more Actions data saved to Salesforce


With the latest two updates to Soapbox, we've made Related Lists in Directories smarter and expanded the data saved by the Actions app to Salesforce.

Directories Related List Elements

With Directories, you have always had the ability to include one or multiple Related List Elements on the initial results page and record detail pages of a Directory. This allows you to, say, show all Organizations that are members of your nonprofit and include their Contacts as a Related List Element.

Now, if the object from which a Related List Element is displaying data has multiple reference fields to the main Directory's object, you can select which you wish to use to filter the data. This greatly expands the power of Directories and your ability to display just the data you wish when and where you want it.

Actions Data in Salesforce for U.S. House Targets

When an Action is taken by a supporter that targets their U.S. House of Representatives member, Soapbox now saves all the details of the letter they sent to Salesforce as part of the Campaign Member record for the supporter. This matches what is done for custom targets and the U.S. Senate, giving you a complete record of all the advocacy actions supporters are taking on your behalf right in Salesforce.

Happy Soapboxing!

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