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Associating an event with a GAU Allocation in the Nonprofit Success Pack


While Soapbox doesn't interface directly with GAU Allocations, the Nonprofit Success Pack allows you to create allocations for a given Campaign. Any event that uses a Campaign for which GAU Allocations have been set will have these GAU Allocations reflected in the Opportunity created for that order upon Lead conversion.

In order to use GAU Allocations in the Nonprofit Success Pack with an event:

  • Create a Campaign or Campaigns to be associated with your event
  • Create the allocations as you need them within the Salesforce Campaign itself
  • Associate that Campaign with your event in Soapbox

While you may choose to create the Campaign directly in Soapbox on the Integration tab of your event, you will then need to login to your Salesforce instance to create the allocations for that Campaign. Should you choose to create the Campaign from within Salesforce to start with, make sure to remember to use the Soapbox Registration Campaign Record Type when doing so.

For details on GAU Allocations and Campaigns, check out the documentation for the Nonprofit Success Pack here:!#Create%20Allocations%20for%20Campaigns

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