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How do I customize the appeal pane of my Donations modal popup?


The appeal pane of the Donations modal popup appears to the left of the form on desktops. It consists of a hero image, a title, and a appeal text.


To customize the appeal pane of a Donations modal popup:

  1. Open the Donations form you are using for the Donations modal popup
  2. Click the Integration tab
  3. In the Donation Modal Popup section, for Upload Popup Hero Image, select an image from your computer that you wish to upload to use as the hero image for the popup. Minimum size for this image should be 465 px x 273 px.
  4. For Select a Popup Hero Image, choose a previously uploaded image, if you wish.
  5. For Popup Title, enter text to be displayed below the hero image. If no Popup Title is specified, the Donations page Title will be displayed.
  6. For Popup Appeal, enter the text you wish to appear below the hero image and title on the appeal pane of the Donations modal popup
  7. Click Save
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