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What elements can be customized on the Donations modal popup?


The following is a page-by-page breakdown of the various elements that can be customized in a Donations modal popup. Most elements are common to all Donation forms. Some are specific to the Donations modal popup experience.

At this time, the following elements cannot be customized:

  • Position and size of the modal popup
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Heading and button text

Donations Modal Popup: Appeal Pane and Donation Amount Page


The left pane of the Donations modal popup that appears in desktop browsers can have its title, popup hero image, and appeal text customized. Learn how >>

The donation amount options and frequency options can be customized. Learn how >>


Donations Modal Popup: Recurring Upsell Page


The recurring upsell page will be displayed if the recurring upsell option has been enabled for the Donations page. Learn more about the recurring upsell functionality >>


Donations Modal Popup: Contact Information Page


All sections of the Contact Information page can have their fields enabled or disabled, as with the standard Donations form. Learn more >>


Donations Modal Popup: Payment Method and Cover the Transaction Fee Page


The cover the transaction fee option will be displayed if it is enabled for the Donations page. It can also be checked by default. Learn more about covering the transaction fee >>


Donations Modal Popup: Payment Page


No customizations are available on the credit card or bank transfer payment pages.


Donations Modal Popup: Thank You Page


The thank you page text that is displayed in the popup differs from that shown in the standard version of the form. Learn how to customize it here >>

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