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Granting Back-End Administrators Access to Front-End Event Tickets



This release increases functionality of the Events app and provides more control over how tickets can be accessed and who can access them on a Soapbox site.

Specifically, this release allows an admin to set the User Group access for a ticket to the back-end Manager and/or Administrator user groups. This allows back-end users who have logged into the front-end of Soapbox the ability to register using event tickets whose access is restricted by User Group. Such tickets could be restricted to one or more front-end User Groups as well as Manager and Administrator back-end user groups - or they can be restricted to only back-end users, allowing for administrator-only ticket types for staff use on the front-end.

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  1. Allow Managers or Administrators logged in on the front end access to register using a Ticket Type that has User Group Access set to their user group

How-To Articles

  1. Creating administrator-only Ticket Types for an event for staff use to register individuals on the front-end of Soapbox

  2. Creating tickets for your Soapbox Event

  3. Understanding Permission Types in restricting access to Event tickets

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