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Understanding Account Owner privileges for administrators


If your Soapbox administrator account has been granted Account Owner status, you have two permissions that administrators not designated as Account Owners do not have:

1. Disabling another user in the Public-Back End > Administrator user group

2. Managing which other users have access to publish events in the Events app.

This allows you the option to have some users created and edit events but not publish them so they don't appear on the front-end of the site until approved and published by a user with the proper permissions.

By default, all users have the option to publish an event. Any user who has either user account update to remove the Manage Event Publishing permission cannot alter the default status for a new event which is unpublished.

For more information, see Managing user admin permissions for Event publishing.

NOTE: If there is no Account Owner set for your Soapbox Engage account, feel free to submit a ticket so we can assist.
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