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Enabling the Enhanced Shopping Cart for registrations in the Classes app


In the Classes app, you have the option to enable the enhanced shopping cart for registrations. Enabling the enhanced shopping cart allows for event-level custom questions. When creating records in Salesforce, it creates individual Opportunities for each event included in a shopping cart order along with one Lead record representing the entire order.

Upon Lead conversion of the shopping cart order, the resulting Opportunity is associated with the individual event Opportunities.

To enable the enhanced shopping cart:

  • Open the Configuration for the Events app
  • Click the Shopping Cart tab
  • For Enable Enhanced Shopping Cart Checkout Page, select Yes. NOTE: You must have Enable Shopping Cart set to Yes to enable the enhanced shopping cart.
  • Click Save
NOTE: While the Events shopping cart can be enabled and disabled on an event by event basis, enabling the enhanced shopping cart will cause the enhanced shopping cart experience to be used whenever the shopping cart is enabled. At this time, you cannot have the standard shopping cart for some events and the enhanced shopping cart for other events.
NOTE: At this time, the TouchNet payment processor integration isn't supported by the Events shopping cart.
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