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Shop App Shipping and Collection Views Improvements



With this release, we continue to bring more value to the Soapbox Engage Shop app! This release adds a number of new features and functionalities to Shop:

  • Allows admin to require the Shipping Address and Shipping Email Address fields if they are displayed on the Shop shopping cart.

  • Sets the quantity drop down as one number on the Shop shopping cart if the user has added more than the maximum quantity of a product to the shopping cart. For example, if they add 20 products 3 times when the max in the dropdown is 20, the shopping cart will display the number 60.

  • Adds Product Code value to the Products Information table in the Orders detail view.

The release also includes a few fixes for the Shop app:

  • Ensures that Form of Payment is saved properly to Salesforce for Shop shopping cart orders when TouchNet is the payment processor.

  • Ensures that sales tax is populated for credit card transactions with Shop shopping cart when TouchNet is the payment processor.

  • Ensures that the search term submitted on a Shop > Collections search filter is retained in the field when the page reloads.

Lastly, this release includes a fix for the Soapbox Engage Events app relating to Zoom registrants for events that use the Events shopping cart.

Happy Soapboxing!



  1. Priority updates for Shop shopping cart for Shipping and Collection views

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