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Customizing the Confirmation Page shown to orderers for the Shop app Shopping Cart


With the Shop app, you have the ability to customize the confirmation page orderers see when they place their order through the shopping cart experience.

To set the confirmation page for the shopping cart experience in the Shop app:

  • Open the Configuration for the Shop app
  • Click the Shopping Cart tab
  • Scroll down to the Confirmation Page Message section of the page
  • For Page Title, enter the title you wish to use for the Confirmation Page.
  • For Page Text, use the editor to enter the text you wish to appear in the body of the email. You can include images and other elements that will appear. You can also include the following variables in curly brackets that reference details of their payment:
    • {name}: The First Name and Last Name of the orderer, as provided in the Contact Information section of the order form
    • {amount}: The dollar amount of the order. This includes only the raw number and not the dollar sign. If you wish to display the dollar sign, enter it before the variable like this: ${amount}
    • {description}: The Transaction Description entered in the Payment section of the Shop > Configuration > Shopping Cart tab.
    • {products}: A list of the quantity, product name, and line item total for all products purchased. The structure for this table mimics that of the Order Summary at the bottom of the order form. It does not include the total order dollar amount. This is contained in the {amount} variable noted above.
  • Click Save
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