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Understanding the Standard email template in the Shop app shopping cart


The Standard email template allows you to easily send attractive, branded emails that are rich in detail to your orderers. The Standard template does the work for you by dynamically creating the content of the email based on Shop shopping cart order details while allowing you the ability to insert your own text that fits neatly into the context of an attractive user experience.


Where is the Standard email template used in the Shop app?

When enabled, the Standard email template is used for Shop shopping cart email confirmations to orders.

How is the Standard email template different from the Custom email template?

The Standard email template offers a preformatted email that dynamically displays details of the order. The Custom email template provides a clean slate where you can include any details you wish and format it using the WYSIWYG editor.

What does the Shop Standard email template consist of for shopping cart order confirmations?

The Shop shopping cart standard email template is comprised of the following elements:

  • Your organization's logo, as defined in the Account Settings of your site
  • "Order confirmation" heading
  • Customizable message section that includes:
    • Orderer Message Header, if provided. "Thanks for your order" in the screenshot above.
    • Orderer Message, if provided. "Your order helps support our vital work" in the screenshot above.
  • Order Summary section that includes:
    • The Soapbox Order Id
    • The date of the order
    • First name, last name, email address, phone number and organization of the orderer
    • An itemized list of products in a given order with pricing and discount details as well as any donation given
    • A Subtotal summing the products and donation in an order
    • Line items for shipping fees, handling fees, and sales tax, as applicable
    • A Total line item summing all elements
  • Payment Summary section, if needed, that includes:
    • The amount and form of payment
    • The transaction Id, if payment was made with a credit card
    • Billing address information
  • Shipping Summary section, if needed, that includes:
    • Shipping address
    • Shipping note
    • Shipping email address
  • Email footer that includes
    • The email address of the registrant
    • The address or your organization, as defined in the Account Settings of your site
    • The Soapbox Engage logo

What elements can I edit in the Standard template?

For the Shop shopping cart email confirmation, the Order Message Header and Orderer Message can be customized as well as the Donations subheading.

The logo in the email header and address in the footer are global elements defined in the Account Settings of your site.

Can I alter the design of the Standard template?

Not at this time.

Do I have to use the Standard email template for Shop shopping cart email confirmations?

Nope! If you wish to customize the entire email, you can still do so.

How do I enable the Standard email template as the default for my Events app?

You can set the Standard template as the default under Shop > Configuration > Shopping Cart tab > Confirmation Email section > Email Template. Under this parameter, you may customize the Orderer Message Header and Orderer Message as well.

Where else is the Standard email template used?

The Standard email template is used for the new web user emails sent to portal users as well as a number of emails as part of the peer-to-peer fundraising experience. It can also be used for Events app confirmation emails and scheduled emails.

If you are not currently using the Standard template for the Shop app, what's the best way to get started?

If you haven't done so yet, review and update your Account Settings to ensure you have your organization's logo and details all set.

After that, we'd recommend creating enabling the standard template in the Shop shopping cart and running a test shopping cart transaction. This will allow you to confirm that the Standard email template meets your needs.

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