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Viewing attendance information for a Zoom Meeting or Webinar for Ticket records in Salesforce


If you have enabled attendance tracking from Zoom in Soapbox and enabled Salesforce Attendance Tracking for an event, Soapbox will create Attendance records in Salesforce for each Join and Leave action of a Zoom registrant. These are associated with Ticket records in Salesforce.

You will be able to see the Attendance records for a given Ticket as a related list on the Ticket detail view in Salesforce.

NOTE: You must have Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package Version 2.15 or greater to have attendee information saved to Salesforce. The current version all of our packages, including the Soapbox Events for Salesforce managed package, as well asa links to upgrade can be found here: How Do I Manage My Soapbox Engage Packages in Salesforce?

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