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Adding a menu item to display the Event orders for a logged in user


If you have the portals add-on feature for your Soapbox Engage site that allows front-end users the ability to login for a personalized experience, you can choose to create a menu item that provides a view of all of their event orders.

This menu item an also be used to allow them the ability to share links to tickets for specific events with attendees so those anonymous users can view and edit the tickets.

To create an event detail menu item:

  1. Go to the Menu Manager for your administrator
  2. Open the menu in which you wish to create the My Event Orders view by clicking the icon in the Menu Item(s) column. For most Engage sites without the Soapbox content management system, this will likely be the Hidden Menu or Soapbox Engage Menu but can vary based on your site structure.
  3. Click New
  4. From Select Menu Item Type, click Events
  5. In the options that expand under Events, Order > Default Layout
  6. In the Title field, type the name of the menu item that you wish to display to the end user
  7. In the Alias field, you may leave this blank to have Soapbox automatically create the final portion of the URL for this page based on the title or you can customize your own alias
  8. Under Parent Item, select the appropriate menu item the new link should fall under. If it is a main level item, do not select anything.
  9. For Access Level, choose Registered or Special, depending on what access level your Fundraisers have
  10. Click Save
  11. In the Menu Item Manager, use the green arrow keys to shift the order of the new menu item in relation to existing items

After creating this menu item, you will need to designate it as the menu item to be used for the attendee self-service functionality in the Events app. For details, see Selecting the My Event Orders menu item in the Events Configuration.

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