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Granting edit access to orderers and ticket holders for tickets associated with an Event


If you have created a menu item for front-end logged in users to view their Event orders, you can choose to allow both orderers and ticket holders the ability to edit tickets for a given event. You may also set a deadline after which edit access will no longer be available to any front-end user.

Orderers are front-end logged in users who placed the order. These logged in users will be able to view ticket details even if you have not granted edit access.

Granting access to ticket holders will grant edit access to any anonymous user viewing a ticket detail page. They can only access this page if the orderer sends them the direct URL for the ticket detail page.

To enable editing of tickets for an event:

  • Open the event for which you wish to grant edit access
  • Click the Edit tab
  • In the Self-Service section, for Allow Ticket Editing by Orderers, select No or Yes
  • For Allow Ticket Editing by Ticket Holders, select No or Yes
  • For Ticket Edit Deadline, if you wish, select a date after which no front-end user will be permitted to edit a ticket record
  • Click Save
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