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Say Hello to the Portals add on, Previously the User Integration add on



This small but important release updates the Soapbox administrator to rename the User Integration add on to the Portals add on. But fear not! It’s the same incredible solution you know and love. The name change is meant to provide a more descriptive moniker for the add on, and to bring consistency to our naming conventions from both a product and marketing perspective.

The Portals add provides personalized, password-protected user experiences that enhance the power of all apps on the Soapbox Engage platform - including granting special access to events and event ticket types, recurring donation management, event ticket self-service options, and much more!

For more on our Portals add on, check out details here or submit a support ticket.

Happy Soapboxing!



  1. Update references to “User Integration” in the administrator to “Portals”

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