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Using Salesforce Integration User Licenses with Soapbox Engage


Salesforce announced in September 2022 that they would be offering free Salesforce Integration User licenses.  This makes it possible to integrate Soapbox Engage with Salesforce without using a paid Salesforce user license (i.e. Sales Cloud license, etc).  Here's the steps to use this license with Soapbox Engage.  Many thanks to Michael Kolodner for his extensive reference article on the topic of using the Salesforce Integration User license, which we reference through this article.

  1. Create a user with the Salesforce Integration user license and the profile: Salesforce API Only System Integrations. (Or modify an existing user to have this license and profile.)

  2. In that user record, under Permission Set License Assignments, assign the "Salesforce API Integration" Permission Set License.
  3. Create a Permission Set
    1. Click New
    2. Label: Salesforce API User
    3. (Optional) Enter a Description
    4. Click Save
    5. Update Permission Set Settings
      1. Under System Permissions, check:
        1. Password Never Expires
        2. API Enabled
        3. Waive Multi-Factor Authentication for Exempt Users
        4. Manage Package Licenses
      2. Under Object Settings, open the following Objects and select all checkboxes for Record Type Assignments, Object Permissions, and Field Permissions (Create, Read, and Edit Access):
        1. Account
        2. Address
        3. Affiliation
        4. Attendance (if using Soapbox Engage Events app or Classes App)
        5. Campaign
        6. Campaign Member
        7. Contact
        8. GAU Allocation
        9. General Accounting Unit
        10. Lead
        11. Opportunity
        12. Payment
        13. Price Book Entries (if using Soapbox Engage Shop App)
        14. Price Book (if using Soapbox Engage Shop App)
        15. Products (if using Soapbox Engage Shop App)
        16. Recurring Donation
        17. Ticket (if using Soapbox Engage Events app or Classes App)
        18. Temp Ticket (if using Soapbox Engage Events app or Classes App)
  4. Assign newly created Permission Set to API user
  5. Enter credentials into Soapbox: Adding or updating your Salesforce credentials in Soapbox
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