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Configuring Email Single Sign-on by Email (Login by Email) functionality


Soapbox Engage includes a feature to allow your users to login to a Soapbox Engage portal using only their email address.  This feature is called Email Single Sign-on, or commonly known as "Login by Email".  Here's how it can be configured for a Soapbox Engage account.

  1. Login to the Soapbox Engage administrator
  2. Go to Users > Email Single Sign-on
  3. Set the following options
    1. Enable Front-end Login by Email
      1. Set to "Yes" to enable this feature
    2. Login Button Text
    3. Login Options
      1. Set to "Either Soapbox Engage or Email Provider" if both should be displayed on the login page.
      2. Set to "Email Provider" if only the email button should be displayed on the login page.
    4. Login Modal Title
    5. Login Modal Description
    6. Login Modal Confirmation
  4. Click the Save button
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