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Where are UTM tracking codes from donations saved in Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement?


Soapbox Engage Donations app supports the saving of UTM tracking codes ("source codes") after a donation is processed.  When connected to a CRM, most fields and parameters that can be collected on the Donations app pages can also be saved to a CRM like Salesforce and Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement.

Unfortunately, at this time, Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement does not include fields on the Donations Import table to store values from the UTM Campaign, UTM Medium, and UTM Source fields that are collected by the Donations app.

To view UTM source code values when connected to Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement, an administrator will need to view those transactions directly within Soapbox Engage.  Alternatively, custom fields can be created in Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement's Donations Import table, and then mapped to hidden fields on the Donations app pages.

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