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Understanding the impact of uninstalling a Soapbox Engage Salesforce package


Uninstalling a Soapbox Engage Salesforce package is a significant action that directly affects a Salesforce organization's configuration and data integrity. This guide outlines the consequences of uninstallation and provides essential steps to ensure a smooth transition.

What happens during the uninstall process

Component and Data Removal: The primary effect of uninstalling a Soapbox Engage Salesforce package is the complete removal of its components from a Salesforce organization. This includes, but is not limited to, objects, fields, record types, Apex triggers, Apex classes, and any associated data that were part of the package.

Customization Loss: Customizations made within the scope of the Soapbox Engage package—such as custom fields, page layouts, or integrations—are also removed. This step is irreversible, leading to a loss of these elements unless backed up or documented prior to the uninstallation.

Impact on Related Processes and Workflows: Uninstalling may disrupt automated processes or workflows that depend on the package's components. This can lead to errors or incomplete actions within Salesforce until these processes are reconfigured or removed.

Pre-uninstallation checklist

To mitigate potential disruptions and data loss, follow this checklist before proceeding with the uninstallation.

Data Review and Backup: Thoroughly review all data and components associated with the Soapbox Engage package. Export or backup any critical data that should be retained.

Document Customizations: Document any customizations made within the package, including custom fields, links, and any modifications. This documentation will be invaluable if a need to recreate these elements or for auditing purposes.

Evaluate Dependencies: Assess how the organization's workflows, processes, and other packages might be affected by the uninstallation. Plan for adjustments or alternative solutions to maintain operational continuity.

Notify Stakeholders: Inform all affected users and stakeholders of the upcoming changes, highlighting the potential impact on their work and any necessary adjustments post-uninstallation.


Uninstalling a Soapbox Engage Salesforce package requires careful consideration and preparation to avoid data loss and minimize disruption to an organization's operations. By following the outlined steps and conducting a thorough review before uninstallation, one can ensure a smoother transition and safeguard an organization's data integrity.

For further assistance or specific concerns related to the uninstallation process, please contact our support team.

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