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Donations Enhancements for Microsoft Dynamics Integration



The latest Soapbox Engage release brings several new features aimed at streamlining donation transaction exports and providing deeper insights into fundraising campaigns for organizations using Microsoft Dynamics / Microsoft Fundraising & Engagement. Here's what's new:

  • Expanded CSV Export for Microsoft F&E: Now, when exporting donation transactions from the Soapbox Engage Donations app, there are additional columns in the CSV file. These include UTM values, MSFT values, and MSFT custom fields, offering more complete data for analysis and reporting.
  • Local Saving of UTM Codes: For sites integrated with Microsoft Dynamics, Soapbox now supports the saving of UTM codes locally. This makes it possible to seamlessly track and analyze campaign performance within Soapbox.
  • Enhanced Transaction Detail View: The addition of UTM codes, MSFT Appeal, MSFT Package, and MSFT Designation directly on the Transaction detail view of the Donations app will help admins understand the context of each donation and optimize fundraising efforts accordingly.

Happy Soapboxing!


  • Include UTM tracking codes, Microsoft F&E specific fields, and Microsoft Dynamics custom fields in the Donations app export file.
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