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Offer Access to Hidden Ticket Levels via Unique Codes



This exciting Events app release further improves events management, enabling organizations to have more nuance in their event registration processes. With this latest update, administrators now have the ability to offer site visitors access to hidden ticket registration levels via a special code. Here's what you can expect from this feature:

  • Hidden Ticket Levels: Administrators can now create exclusive ticket registration levels within the Events app and hide them from public view. These hidden levels can contain special offerings or premium access options for select attendees.
  • Access Control with Codes: With the ability to assign unique access codes to hidden ticket levels, admins can control who can access these offerings. Simply distribute the codes to VIP guests, top donors, board members, students, or any other targeted audience.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: This feature provides even more flexibility for event organizers, allowing them to tailor the registration process to suit the needs of different audiences. Whether it's offering early bird discounts, member-only perks, or VIP packages, the Soapbox Engage Events app has you covered.

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  • Provide the ability for admins to give access to hidden ticket levels in the Events app using a code
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