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Support for Salesforce State and Country Picklists in Petitions added


With a recent Soapbox update, we've added support for Salesforce state and country picklists in the Petitions app. What are state and country picklists? They are a feature in Salesforce that swaps out the standard text fields used in addresses across Salesforce with predefined, standardized lists for countries and states. This Soapbox update means that you can enable this feature in Salesforce while using the Petitions app.

Currently, only the Donations and Petitions app supports state and country picklists in Salesforce. Our other apps which write to Salesforce do not. If you use any other app which writes to Salesforce, you cannot enable this feature in Salesforce.

For more on state and country picklists and enabling these in Salesforce and the Petitions app, please refer to our Soapbox Support Center article.

Happy Soapboxing!

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