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Pagination navigation issue with Directories resolved


With a recent release of Soapbox, an issue was resolved with Directories related to Salesforce picklist values containing ampersands. Previously, if a front-end user chose to search on a value in a picklist field that contained an ampersand in Salesforce, while the initial results would display correctly, the pagination navigation would not retain the proper result set after a couple of clicks.

As an example, if Directories was being used to display a real-time searchable list of members from the Account object in Salesforce and a front-end user selected "Memberships & Associations" from a Type field, the initial results of the search would filter properly. If they then clicked multiple times through any paginaton navigation available on the view, the result set would return to the default search query set by the Soapbox administrator and no longer include "Memberships & Associations" as a filter value.

Thanks to Soapbox Engage organization One Percent for the Planet for identifying this issue!

Happy Soapboxing!

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