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Upload and display Salesforce Files with Forms and Directories


Soapbox administrators have long been able to have front end users upload documents and associate them with Salesforce records they create or edit via our Forms app. In turn, links to documents associated with a given record can be displayed in our Directories app. This was done by uploading them to the tried and true Notes & Attachments object in Salesforce.

Good ol' Notes & Attachments. You have served us well.

With recent releases of Soapbox, we've added support for this exact same functionality for the Salesforce Files object.

Have a membership application in our Forms app that you wish to allow folks to upload supporting documents for? No sweat!

Want a logged in user to be able to edit the job application they've started and upload a new resume via a PDF? Easy peasy!

Managing a resource library that visitors can search via our Directories app and wish to link to PDF documents associated with said resource records? Pfffff...child's play!

In addition, these releases also added support across all Soapbox apps for the Middle Name and Suffix fields. Now these fields can be written to across any app as well as displayed in the Directories app.

For more details on integrating with Salesforce Files, check out our Forms and Directories articles.

Happy Soapboxing!

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