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A month of updates brings new functionality across Soapbox


Over the last month, we've released a string of updates to Soapbox that have improved many of the apps on our platform.

Events app

Significant behind-the-scenes feature additions were made in support of the upcoming courses and classes functionality including:

  • Creating an events shopping cart check out process that allows for completion of an order and the processing of payment for multiple event reservations at once, saving that data to both Soapbox and Saleforce
  • Giving administrators the ability to create custom fields that write to Salesforce for the Contact Information section of the shopping cart check out process
  • Rolling out improvements to all search and browse classes views
  • Creating merge fields for confirmation emails and messages for the shopping cart check out process that display payment status and order details
  • Saving the Contact id of the logged in user to the Lead record created in Salesforce that represents the shopping cart order
  • Auto-populating the Contact Information shopping cart check out form for logged in users from their Contact record in Salesforce
  • Updating the event detail view to support new data related to classes such as days of week, instructors, semester, who can enroll, date range of class, course description, class code, and enrollment notes
  • Adding ability to manage reservations and individual tickets in a shopping cart
  • Allowing logged in users the ability to select a family member from a drop down displayed on the attendee information form that displays the names of Contacts from their Account in Salesforce
  • Adding support for date variables like TODAY, TOMORROW, and YESTERDAY to be used as default values for hidden custom fields on the events shopping cart
  • Allowing an admin to require a custom checkbox field that is included on the shopping cart order form to be checked by the end user for the purpose of requiring agreement to terms of service as part of the registration process
  • Adding an External Id field to add / edit Course and Instructor admin views in support of future mass import functionalities

In addition, the following updates were made app-wide for current Events users:

  • Updating event start and end time options from 15 minutes increments to 5 minute increments
  • Adding an External Id field to the add / edit Event admin view in support of future mass import functionalities
  • Restricting Campaign [Select] popup on Events > add/edit Event > Integration tab to display Active Campaigns of Soapbox Registration Record Type
  • Adding ability to search by Campaign Name in the Campaign [Select] popup on Events > add/edit Event > Integration tab
  • Adding Type, Start Date, and Parent Campaign to the Campaign [Select] popup on Events > add/edit Event > Integration tab 
  • Resolving an issue with Hosted By section title appearing in some instances on the event detail page when no hosted has been selected

For the updates made to the Campaign [Select] popup in Events, we received invaluable feedback from a number of our nonprofits that we'll be using to improve this functionality later this week as well.

Donations app

For our Donations app, we optimized the way Soapbox handles notifications of subsequent recurring payments from the Braintree payment processor to safeguard data in Soapbox and Salesforce.

Forms app

Support for Salesforce Files has been added to the Forms app so that files uploaded as part of a form submission can saved to Salesforce Files.

Directories app

Support for Salesforce Files has been added to the Directories app, allowing files associated with a given record in Salesforce to be displayed along with that record.

In addition, the following functionality was added to Directories:

  • Allowing an administrator to set the operator for multiselect picklist searches to AND or OR
  • Allowing an administrator to group Directories results by a picklist or reference field

Happy Soapboxing!

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