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Connecting Engage forms with Salesforce Campaigns got much easier - and a whole lot more!


With the latest updates to Soapbox, we offer up a torrent of tasty treats for your enjoyment - with one particularly inspired and informed by feedback from our Soapbox community.

The most significant update in terms of scope consists of improvements to the Campaign [Select] modal popup. This popup is present on Donations, Events, Petitions, Actions, and Shop and allows you as an administrator to select with which Salesforce Campaign a given form should be associated - or create a new Salesforce Campaign directly in Soapbox.

With this update, we've radically expanded the information displayed for Salesforce Campaigns so you can be sure to choose the precise Campaign you're after. In addition, we added the ability to search by Campaign Title and filter by Record Type to make it easier to find a given Campaign. Important elements of this update were informed by valuable feedback from the Soapbox community based on an initial iteration of the changes that had been implemented a few days earlier in the Events app.

You can see the end results here:


What's more, we made several other key improvements and fixes across the Soapbox Engage platform:

Donations app

  • Updated the time zone used to define the date of a given transaction from UTC to Central so the Transaction Date, Receipt Date, and Thank You Date saved to Salesforce matches the date shown for the transaction in the Donations > Transactions view in Soapbox

Forms app

  • Added ability to customize the page title when editing a Salesforce record in Soapbox | Learn how >>

User Integration

  • Resolved an issue preventing a front-end user who successfully logs into Soapbox from having the last login field on their Contact record in Salesforce updated to the current date in some cases
  • Resolved an issue that was updating the last login date on the Contact in Salesforce if a new Soapbox user attempted to login prior to verifying their web user account

Directories app

  • Resolved an issue with the proper file extension not being included for Salesforce Files that were added directly through the Salesforce user interface and subsequently downloaded through the Directories app

Comments component

  • Updated the Comments functionality in the content management system to use the most recent version of Google reCAPTCHA

All Apps

  • Fixed the spelling of British Columbia in the State/Province drop down of secure payment forms
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