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Import and export of Courses and Instructors added to Soapbox


With the latest release of Soapbox, we've added the ability for administrators to import and export Courses and Instructors as part of our upcoming Courses and Classes add on for the Events app.

Administrators can extract all Course and Instructor records or choose to export only a specific filtered subset. With the import option, they can add new Courses and Instructors by uploading a CSV file - or update existing Courses and Instructors based on a matching Id value. The Id value can either be derived from Soapbox or an external Id such as the Salesforce record Id, offering tantalizing opportunities for integrating the Courses and Classes add on with Salesforce.

This release is the first of two in a series. The second will allow for the import and export of events themselves. This combined functionality will give incredible power to administrators to efficiently and effectively manage data for the courses and classes they have on offer.

Happy Soapboxing!

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